• 2011
  • Feb
  • 24

Technology to the rescue - Life is GREAT!

We all have seen the amazing impact the iPad has had on the market - this is much talked about, and a great success for Apple. But what is the next big thing that will touch all of us?

  • The fact that we discovered exo-planets, which exist in their solar systems Goldilocks zone and therefore might harbor actual alien life (and I am not talking about people from another country - but from really far away).
  • The fact that the LHC is up an running again and will prove the existence of the god-particle to the world?
  • Or will it be an economic “NEXT BIG THING” like the fact that companies like groupon (I somehow have the feeling that they are basically web pages) are worth billions of dollars? Anybody seeing a bubble there?

I recently had my very personal “the future has arrived” moment.

I am using a comcast broadband connection, and when ever it goes down it is my fault - everybody seems to be complaining to me about it (I trust I am the only person who learned computer this is happening to, right?)
So - to get rid of the nagging I figured I call up comcastto find out whether the problem is on their end (I categorically refuse to look for the problem in my own network first).
I sat down - fired up my laptop to gather all information required, phone number, account number, any magic customer passwords, my blood type, and so on - a quick search of my local DMS system (DHCP in the local network, as well as local DNS where still running, so my network seemed fine) provided all the pieces of information I might possibly need.

I took my cell phone (of course the SIPGATE VOIP landline was dead - that might have had something to do with the up-link connection being down - who knows). I called comcast and a friendly female computer voice asked me for my language preference, once I indicated that I spoke english the next voice prompt asked me to indicate whether I was calling for a technical issue, again I confirmed, and than it happened!

“we will now attempt to resolve your connection problem”
(alarmed I opened the closed and checked the blinking light on my cable modem, it was rebooting)
“this process may take up to one minute”
(I was still confused - I had not provided any information on my account number or even my problem)
“after the restart you connection should work fine”
(and actually that famous green indicator light was up and did glow innocently in-front of my face)

I was so puzzled I hang up - happy - after a call to a service center.

And while I was excitedly telling my wife and my cat about this experience I realized that finally the future had arrived. My phone number on record with comcastwas automatically matched with my account information, (probably) a connectivity lookup showed that I was not online and automatically a standard fix (we switch it off and on again) was executed. Not surprising in theory - but truly amazing when experienced in real live.

For me comcastcreated an ipad experience - for free.
I am so amazed I am waiting anxiously for my next outage to call again!

I am looking forward to the future that this indicates is coming up - tighter integration of systems, amazing insights and quick reaction. SAP has announced an e-care solution at will show the same type of integration between home monitoring devices, and care providers - very transparent and tight integration of preventive care with peoples real live. As this development continues we will see enterprise systems touching more and more people directly - and creating a new experience. This is the promise of the new reality.