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Technology to the rescue - Life is GREAT!

We all have seen the amazing impact the iPad has had on the market - this is much talked about, and a great success for Apple. But what is the next big thing that will touch all of us?

  • The fact that we discovered exo-planets, which exist in their solar systems Goldilocks zone and therefore might harbor actual alien life (and I am not talking about people from another country - but from really far away).
  • The fact that the LHC is up an running again and will prove the existence of the god-particle to the world?
  • Or will it be an economic “NEXT BIG THING” like the fact that companies like groupon (I somehow have the feeling that they are basically web pages) are worth billions of dollars? Anybody seeing a bubble there?

I recently had my very personal “the future has arrived” moment.
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Why Not - The Present Converter

Imagine the following scenario:

It is xmas, and everybody is running around like a headless chicken trying to find something they can give their beloved once, and their family.
Of course one does not just make cash gifts since those are:

  1. considered impersonal and prove that one did not have a better idea (regardless of the fact that a better idea could not be identified, and the receiver of the cash price might actually be happy with cash)
  2. have a direct amount that is not off-set by the personal though which of course creates the expectation that the return gift is of equal or larger value, which just opens an entire can of worms on game theory (so lets not go there)

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