• 2014
  • Oct
  • 13

JMT - John Muir Trail 2014 - Hiking Hacks - Building a tripod

The Problem

When hiking the John Muir Trail this year - we camped on the Bighorn Plateau - which is a beautiful spot, though camping there is very exposed. So there is not a single tree to be seen.

Now - when at camp we usually hang our water bladder from a tree, and also put up a cloth line but that needs at least one strong fix point.

The Solution

Without a tree we decided to build a tripod.
This is the bill of material:

  • 3x Hiking poles
  • 1x MSR Ultralight Utility Cord Kit

We used a simple tripod lashing:

Start with putting the 3 hiking poles next to each other… leave about 1.5 times the handle width in space between them, and start with a clove hitch.
Go above and below the poles 3 to 5 times.
Finish it up with an additional clove hitch.
Turn the center pole a couple of times until you feel the contraption turn stable

For added stability you can run the line around the poles after standing the tripod up.

To stand the tripod simply put one of the poles at the end between the other two and finally hang the water bladder from the tripod. Very simple, effective, and efficient. It also worked perfectly as the counterpoint for the cloth line (simply by attaching the loose end to the tent).

This is what it looks like in the wild: